Shannon Meddings to style shoppers when Warringah Mall’s revamped Myer reopens

AS A former stylist on TV shows The Voice and The X Factor, she has chosen outfits for budding starlets and rubbed shoulders with judges Jessie J and Ronan Keating.

But now Shannon Meddings is turning her skills to the shoppers of the northern beaches.

She is the new personal stylist at the revamped Myer at Warringah Mall, which will be unveiled in October.

Stylist Shannon Meddings with Jessie J

Stylist Shannon Meddings with Ronan Keating

And she will be on hand for free consultations, whether you need a specific outfit or a whole wardrobe overhaul.

And the 40-year-old, who has also styled stars including former Home and Away favourites Steve Peacock and Bonnie Sveen for magazines shoots — and even decided what American singer Robin Thicke’s dancers should wear for a TV performance — can’t wait.

Shannon Meddings has worked with Ada Nicodemou (above). Picture: Tim Carrafa

“I’m going to help customers make educated decisions and not just buy something because they think that they love it — we’ve all done it,” she said. “It looks good on their friend — or on Kate Moss. It’s a trap.”

Ms Meddings, of Bondi, said the biggest mistake she saw was people wearing clothes which were too big.

Stylist Shannon Meddings with Bonnie Sveen, who she styled

Stylist Shannon Meddings with singer Robin Thicke and his dancers, who she styled

She said the secret was to dress for your body shape.

And she is an expert, having worked with plenty of famous new mothers including Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Ada Nicodemou.

Clients include new mums like Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis

“For a year it seemed like every shoot I was on was a celebrity mum who’d just had a baby,” she said.

“I put them in a lot of clothes that were comfortable, that had stretch, with layering.

“It depends on the body shape. That’s where my expertise lies — that and colour.”

And while she didn’t style the celebs on the TV shows, she did get to know British singer Jessie J.

“She’s awesome — so down- to-earth and so lovely, one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met.”

Shannon Meddings who will be the new personal shopper at Warringah Mall’s new Myer store. Picture: John Fotiadis

But she said you do not have to have a celebrity budget to see her — it was about spending wisely.

“If you’re someone who’s wasting money a lot, and waking up every day saying ‘I have nothing to wear’— maybe it’s worth saving your money and coming to see me, and ending up with a wardrobe that you love and works for you.”

British store John Lewis is among stores which sill have concessions at the new-look shop. Apple and Topshop are other big names moving in.

Elsewhere in the mall, Swedish fashion giant H&M is moving in.

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