New Myer will be opened by Jennifer Hawkins, as Warringah Mall work nears completion

New Myer will be opened by Jennifer Hawkins, as Warringah Mall work nears completion

THE new Myer will be unveiled by northern beaches model Jennifer Hawkins next month, as Warringah Mall’s $310 million revamp is finally completed.

Dozens of new shops will also open at the centre on Thursday November 17, after months of construction.

Daniel Bracken from Myer said the new Warringah store will be the very first of the ‘New Myer’ in Australia.

But it’s the department store which most shoppers will be keen to see.

The two-level shop has been completely gutted and recreated over the past nine months, with 60 new brands brought in and everything from the changing rooms to the lighting and flooring given an ultra-modern touch.

Daniel Bracken, deputy CEO, chief merchandise and customer officer for Myer said it would set a benchmark for department stores in the whole of Australia.

Myer Store manager Alexis Pead at the under-construction store. Photo: Adam Ward

Jennifer Hawkins will officially open the new Myer. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis

“It’s going to be amazing. Customers are going to flock to it and they’re going to love it,” he said.

Mr Bracken, a Brit who was once at the helm of Burberry, said almost all of the 170 new staff are from the peninsula. He also said customer service – something the company has been criticised for in the past – would be a priority.

“We’ve launched a whole new training scheme, The Myer Academy – this is the first deployment,” he said.

Shannon Meddings who will be the new personal shopper at Warringah Mall’s new Myer store. Picture: John Fotiadis

“We’ve got new workforce management tools being deployed. It’s the first time we will actually be able to tailor our labour to when our customers want it, and we’re really excited about that,” he said.

The store will have Wi-Fi as well as a ‘hub’ to handle internet shopping. There’ll also be a dedicated personal shopper.

Meanwhile, centre manager, Karen Skinner, said not only have they brought in new stores, many existing shops, such as Witchery, have had a revamp.

Daniel Bracken said he can’t wait for shoppers to see the new store on Nov 17.

“I just cannot wait for people to see it,” she said.

Customers will be relieved to hear the carparks will also be free from construction work soon, apart from the one next to Coles, where work will continue until next year.

Valet parking will be on offer, with bosses hoping it will appeal to mums. It costs $10 on top of the usual parking fee, which is free for three hours.

“It’s really reasonable for the experience,” said Mrs Skinner.

Artists impression of the new Warringah mall.

Fashion shows, cooking demonstrations and children’s entertainment will be on offer from opening day and the weekend of November 19-20.

But Hawkins’ visit is set to be the big attraction.

“It’s so exciting – she lives up the road and I think our customers will love to see that. She’s a local celeb,” said Ms Skinner.

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